Achieving Your Goals for 2015

Why is it that some people appear seamless while achieving their goals they set out to accomplish, while others have good intentions but fall short in their accomplishments?

My advice for those wanting to achieve their goals for 2015 is very simple. First, identify no more than five goals you would like to achieve and then ask yourself which one would have the most impact on my life if it were realized. Then, like a laser, focus on that one goal and identify the skills needing to be acquired for achieving the stated goal.

By increasing your skill sets and abilities in a focused manner, you have opened the door for getting better results in achieving your most impactful goal. Less is always better by staying attentive to one objective.

Managing your time is also a hallmark of goal achievement. It is paramount to make a list of all the things you want to accomplish in a given day, and then identify those activities that will get you the best return on your time and energy is paramount. Most of us spend 80% of our time doing things that give us 20% of our results. Let’s start to identify the most important tasks in your day representing the best return on your time and energy.

By developing a habit of identifying all your important tasks at the beginning of the day and attending to those tasks with a priority mindset, you will experience how 20% of your time can deliver 80% of your results. Do this for one month and you will have developed a good habit for a successful 2015.

In conclusion, identify your most important goal, acquire the skill sets that would most likely allow you to achieve that goal, and use your time at the beginning of each day achieving your most important tasks that are central to your success. I wish everyone a fun and productive 2015.

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