Mohnacky Learning Systems “MLS” utilizes Practice Metrics to create “Motivated People” and “Ownership Mentalities” through an executive team (Chief Doctor and Executive Director). By sharing these metrics you can build a “cause and effect” understanding of your practice cash flow as you build something bigger than yourself “Build to Last” and create your “Preferred Future”

Your cost of Human Resources represents your largest expense and MLS helps identify ways in keeping those costs at a constant as you maintain profitability in multiple cash flow environments.

MLS demonstrates how to utilizing payroll reports in a timely fashion, so your executive team can help manage your most precious and costly resource – your people.

Through effective use of these metrics the job description becomes very simple for your executive team. We ask only three things:

  • Manage drug inventory
  • Manage staff costs
  • Love and heal your patients

Number 1 & 2 is done by the doctors executive director and number 3 becomes the only duty of the Chief DVM. The ultimate outcome of MLS is a productive doctor loving what they do because they are doing only what they were trained to do. ” Love and Heal their Patients”.

Example of Payroll Report Metrics

  • Payroll/Adjusted Payroll
  • Gross Income
  • Adjusted Payroll / Gross Income as a percent
  • Target Income
  • Difference between Actual and Target Income
  • Bonus earned (or deficit)
  • YTD Bonus earned (or deficit)
  • Daily Goal
  • Daily Actual
  • Difference between Daily Goal and Actual for each pay-period