Dr Mohnacky is available for group presentations tailored to those in attendance. Dr. Mohnacky has presented to numerous groups including AAHA, Hospital Manager’s Association, VMG and more. Two discussions include “Fixing a Broken System” and “Accountability Training. Most recently Dr. Mohnacky presented two 50 minute sessions at the recent 2014 AAHA meeting in Nashville. The two sessions were titled “Fixing a Broken System” and “Accountability Training”. Dr Mohnacky has also presented for the Hospital Managers Association.

Fixing a Broken System thru Workflow Design and Knowledge Sharing

The high cost of Veterinary education and low introductory salaries have created challenges for our profession. As we shift from a doctor centered practice to a client centered practice we can overcome this conflict. Through workflow designs, knowledge sharing and cultural transformations we can all have the preferred future.

Accountability Training: Delivering Key Focused Results

Victimization strangleholds any business and individual and organizational results improve dramatically when people overcome deceptive traps of the victim cycle. Only by making a personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances can we achieve the desired results. Creating accountable individuals and teams has the outcome of an organization that becomes bigger than any one individual.

Dr Mohnacky has enjoyed many rewards and success in his 37 years in practice and now appreciates the opportunity to “Give Back” to the veterinary community. Through his unconditional commitment to helping others and abundance mentality, Dr Mohnacky looks forward to helping others achieve their “Preferred Futures”.