We're preparing to graduate our first "Mohnacky ERA" class. We started with seven, five will cross the finish line. We like your term "physician's assistant ". We think these five will certainly make their DVM's professional life easier while improving patient care & our customer's experience.

Previously most of our training had been "on the fly". We've seen the light about formal/intentional training. We believe the investment has & will continue to pay dividends. As you've said, "Those with the smartest clients win". How can you have educated clients without educated staff?

Thanks for what you've done for Hawthorne Animal Hospital & our profession.

Phil McKinney DVM August 24, 2015

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Dr Mohnacky’ s presentation of his management strategies and systems at the 2014 AAHA Annual meeting was a life changing experience for many in the audience just as it has been for many of his VMG 15 fellow management group members over the past several years. Craig’s ideas related to practice culture, accountability, compensation and leadership are uncomplicated and could be easily implemented in most practices with a great positive effect on both the owner and the staff’s quality of life and compensation while also improving patient care. I highly recommend a close look at the Mohnacky Learning System

Paul Glouton DVM Veterinary Study Groups Inc. August 8, 2015

It has been an honor over the past 19 to 20 years watch your vision become a reality. You have been a wonderful mentor, teacher and an inspiration to so many. Knowing how to recognize the best in people for their growth and development , and give them the tools to get the best results. Thank you for all you do and give to others.

Mary M August 8, 2015