Leadership Training is the most powerful mechanism in achieving a high performance practice. By creating effective leaders, your organization shall tend to the psychological, emotional and financial well being of others.

It is a myth that leadership is only something for those who are at the top, but instead leadership needs to exist throughout all levels of your organization. Good leaders in the middle of an organization make better leaders on top and leadership teams are more effective than one leader.

Mohnacky Learning Systems teaches “Servant Leadership” and the more leadership capacity within an organizations structure, the greater the capacity to support those who are doing all the hard work. It is the leaders role to make sure people have the environment and resources to do their best work.


Mohnacky Learning Systems (MLS) teaches the power of individual and joint accountability within an organization.

Only when people overcome the illusionary trap of victimization and secure the steps to individual accountability can they claim their own future and the future well being of the organizations which they serve.

Why accountable individuals?

  • revitalized character
  • strengthen competitiveness
  • improve quality of services
  • increase responsiveness of the organization to customer’s needs
  • expand happiness and fulfillment of individuals

Why accountable teams?

  • extraordinary outcomes are achieved when people share ownership of circumstances and results
  • principle of interdependence

An accountable organization is a core building block to building something bigger than yourself and securing your preferred future. “Build to Last”

Staff Development

Mohnacky Learning Systems “MLS” is an simply a culture of investing in people since the most important asset of any organization are it’s people. The first step of the process is hiring the right people through a well thought out Hiring and Pre-employment process. MLS shall help you with improving your success finding the right candidates through a screening process involving:

  • Phone Interview
  • Personal Interview
  • Working Interview
  • Background Check
  • Reference Check
  • Pre-employment physical and drug screening

After identifying your candidate we shall now formalize:

  • Hiring Process
  • Orientation Process
  • Setting On-The-Job Expectations

After a 90 day Orientation Process we shall now introduce:

  • Progress Plans
  • Career Paths

Career Path Training

  • Customer Service
  • Technical
  • Kennel
  • Para-Professional
  • Professional (Chief DVM Role)
  • Exam Room Advocates
  • Leadership
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Operations Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Change Management
  • Administrative

MLS’s goal is to create careers for your health care team and not just jobs. MLS shall customize a training program to meet your current needs in your quest to building something bigger than yourself “Build to Last” in obtaining your “Preferred Future”.

Safety Training

More information coming soon.