Mohnacky Learning Systems “MLS” is an simply a culture of investing in people since the most important asset of any organization are it’s people. The first step of the process is hiring the right people through a well thought out Hiring and Pre-employment process. MLS shall help you with improving your success finding the right candidates through a screening process involving:

  • Phone Interview
  • Personal Interview
  • Working Interview
  • Background Check
  • Reference Check
  • Pre-employment physical and drug screening

After identifying your candidate we shall now formalize:

  • Hiring Process
  • Orientation Process
  • Setting On-The-Job Expectations

After a 90 day Orientation Process we shall now introduce:

  • Progress Plans
  • Career Paths

Career Path Training

  • Customer Service
  • Technical
  • Kennel
  • Para-Professional
  • Professional (Chief DVM Role)
  • Exam Room Advocates
  • Leadership
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Operations Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Change Management
  • Administrative

MLS’s goal is to create careers for your health care team and not just jobs. MLS shall customize a training program to meet your current needs in your quest to building something bigger than yourself “Build to Last” in obtaining your “Preferred Future”.