A Practice Audit shall start with an On-Site Practice visit where the practice owners business plan and practice goals can be reviewed in a personalized and detailed fashion. Considerations at the audit can include but is not limited to:

  • Owners personal and financial goals
  • Employee survey of practice dynamics allowing ownership to better understand practice strengths and weakness’s from an honest employee’s perspective
  • Financial analysis of practice performance using key metrics and key performance indicators
  • Assessment of Practice Real Property (if applicable) and it’s utilization along with an evaluation of existing or potential financing instruments to strengthen or leverage your position.
  • Benchmarking of financial data and the application of strategies to impact these indices in a meaningful fashion
  • Action plans to effect change (change management strategies)
  • Audit customized to practice owners needs and desires

Our desired endpoint is to create something bigger than the practice owner “Build to Last” in creating the “Preferred Future”